You have reached the SEELANGS Web Interface

Important Announcement!

SEELANGS has moved. As of March 12, 2007, the SEELANGS list is no longer hosted on the LISTSERV server at The City University of New York (CUNY). It is now hosted on the LISTSERV server at the University of Alabama (UA). This move was effected for a variety of reasons, but ultimately you, the SEELANGS list member, will not notice any difference in the day-to-day operation of the list.

Although all subscriptions were moved to the new server, we were not able to move list members' subscription options. In other words, if you had been receiving SEELANGS mail in DIGEST format or in INDEX format, you will have to set that option again on the new server. Instructions are in the Welcome message sent to new subscribers (a copy of which can be viewed here -- the link is to the left).

Please update your e-mail Address Books with the following:

To post to the list: SEELANGS@BAMA.UA.EDU

To reach the list owners: SEELANGS-Request@BAMA.UA.EDU

To send a command: LISTSERV@BAMA.UA.EDU

This site exists to support SEELANGS, an e-mail discussion list. Using the links on the left, you can learn about the list, subscribe to the list, post to the list, manipulate your subscription options, send a command to LISTSERV, and search the SEELANGS archives.

If you're not already familiar with SEELANGS, please click on the left to learn about it. Only subscribers receive mail from the list and only subscribers may post and access fully all the features of this web site.

Once you've subscribed, in order to take advantage of the web interface features on the left you must ASSIGN YOURSELF A LISTSERV PASSWORD. (The first time you use one of the web interface features you will be prompted for your login, which is your e-mail address, and your password, which you will have chosen yourself. We recommend that you login and save your password in a cookie. This will save you from having to login in the future.)

If you need help with anything related to your SEELANGS subscription or LISTSERV and its commands, please contact the list owners.